The wheels are off and the brakes are removed. I pulled apart the calipers and they all seem to be in decent shape. The pistons are in good shape and no pitting or anything else that I can see. All the rust appears to be on the outside. The brake fluid that leaked out was not exactly clean, but it wasn't anywhere near black either. I'll have to clean them off and rebuild them. I want to paint them right away as long as I have them out. I've got a guy here in town that is willing to sand blast them for me. So it looks like some rebuild kits are in my future.

Anybody have recommendations on the paint to use on the brakes? I know it will require high temperature paint. I'm still debating on the color to paint them. I don't think the car needs to be flashy so maybe just a nice black to keep it from rusting.

The rotors, though covered in rust, don't seem to be worn badly. I'll knock off the rust to see how much metal is left. I can't make much of an assessment until I take care of the rust.

The last piece is the brake lines. The hard lines look ok. I'm just worried about the rubber lines after this many years. The coupler that goes through the frame looks like it leaked, so I'll have to take a look at that. Not sure if its the coupler or the lines. Hard to tell with the coolant line running right there.