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Thread: Lower engine cover refinishing

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    An update:

    I sanded everything down to the primer to the point where the primer was really thin but absolutely uniform in thickness, then degreased it (again) with acetone, then I recoated it with multiple, fairly thick layers of the SEM paint using l-o-n-g, continuous strokes from side to side. Here is the result:
    It's not 100% perfect but a ton better than yesterday and probably as good as it's gonna get, so I'm happy.
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    lower engine cover

    Just buy a turbo sock. that will stop the heat from damaging the lower cover. you can also get the Turbo casing ceramic coated together with the exhaust. Both options will reduces the engine bay heat.

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    For sure, I have the DEI Ultra 47 on my T3 and it makes a big difference. Holding up very nicely so far.
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