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Thread: DeLorean going up for auction this summer

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    DeLorean going up for auction this summer

    Don't know if anyone saw this news article, but there's a collection of over 700 cars going up for auction Friday, July 14 in Norwalk, Ohio. The article mentions lots of makes, but specifically mentions that there is a Bricklin and a DeLorean in the mix. Here's the article:

    I went to the auction website and found a picture of the DeLorean:

    Here's the auction site:

    That's all I know.

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    July 14th article:

    NORWALK - Ron Hackenberger said it was time to sell his collection of more than 700 vehicles.

    The Norwalk collector always wanted to put them in a museum, but it never came to fruition.

    "At my age (81) it's time to do it," said Hackenberger. "If I was 50 years old, I wouldn't even think of it. If I had to restore all these cars for a museum, I'd have to live to be 300 years old," he said laughing.

    Hackenberger's collection is being auctioned Saturday and Sunday at Summit Motorsports Park on Ohio 18. Friday was preview day and the collection attracted a crowd of onlookers and potential bidders.

    A few men marveled at a 1965 green Amphicar from Texas, capable of being driven from the boat ramp into the water.

    The odometer on the classic car recorded only 1,544 miles.

    Nearby, a silver DeLorean, also captured peoples' attention.

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    I had a friend at the auction who said it sold for 23K and is headed to Belfast, Ireland.
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