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Thread: Posting links to eBay auctions in FS listings

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    Posting links to eBay auctions in FS listings

    Could someone clarify the rule as to whether it is permissive to post links to eBay auctions in "for sale" threads?

    I have had a lot of success attracting bidders by doing so. It would seem unnecessarily disruptive to prohibit the posting of eBay links, seeing how difficult it is to find buyers for cars & parts in this niche market already.

    If not in the "for sale" section, is there a better place to post links to eBay auctions?

    Thank you.
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    Posts with eBay links are OK, if it meets all of the For Sale Section Rules listed in the sticky (including price).

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    Meaning the actual post has all the details and the eBay link is just an additional way of viewing, or buying it. People should also be able to contact you through Talk if they don't do eBay.

    I think what is to be avoided is a post that just says "I'm selling a widget. Here's the eBay link"

    Just my observation, mind you.
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