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Thread: Patrick Swayzes personal collection being auctioned including his Delorean in April!

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    "Busted for cocaine". How lame.

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    Per the pictures the vin is 5307. Gray interior, 5-speed with a gas flap hood. Identical options combo with my 5052.

    I'm sure there is an interesting story of how Patrick Swayze got a gas flap hood for his car.
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    Patrick Swayze's DeLorean just went for $65,500.00.

    -Nick Pitello
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJP548 View Post
    Patrick Swayze's DeLorean just went for $65,500.00.

    -Nick Pitello
    VIN# 16377
    Wow, anybody know if there was a limit on the buyers commission?
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    $81,875 total with premium.

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    New retirement plan...borrow a dump truck of cash and buy many DeLoreans. Give them to clebs for their own personal use for one year and 10k to keep them healthy for 12 months. At the end of the year collect cars and sale, BOOM:

    DeLorean for sale, previously owned by

    Christopher Walken
    Al Pachino
    Patrick Stewart
    Hugh Jackman
    Vin Diesel
    Andy Dick

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    Dibs on future DeLorean to be previously owned by Andy Dick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark D View Post
    Andy Dick!
    Holy price reduction batman.

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    Anyone notice Patrick's car had an impressive top speed of 175.4 mph! Sounds legit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamHill View Post
    $81,875 total with premium.
    Just to put this in perspective ... at least from a cash perspective.

    Article Quote:

    "A black leather jacket worn by the actor in 1987’s “Dirty Dancing” was sold for $62,000 even though it was estimated to fetch only $6,000.

    The surfboard used by Swayze in the action thriller “Point Break” went for more than $60,000, while his private sports car, a 1981 DeLorean, was sold for $81,250.

    A silk shirt and a pair of sneakers he wore in “Ghost” went for a little less than $18,000."

    So, both the jacket and the surfboard each sold for more than most "top tier" DeLoreans,
    and the sale price of the silk shirt could have easily purchased a good daily driver DeLorean.

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