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Thread: What to look for

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    Cool What to look for

    Hi All I live in Australia and new to this forum, I am looking at buying a De Lorean project as I want to work on the car myself. My questions are... what to look for, is any year better than another? is a hood gas flap better? Manual or Auto? I just want a complete driver, that I can stripdown and start over.Then what price should I pay for a fair project?? Thanks.

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    you're lookin to buy this book..

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    The guide is good for learning about VIN-specific differences and some things to look for when shopping for a car, but won't help with pricing information.

    This forum might be your best source of info when gauging a fair price, as well as helpful info overall.

    If you find a car you're interested in, post pics with questions if can get a lot of help here.

    Here's a thread I posted when I bought my first DeLorean in 2013 to show a bit of how I approached the process:
    VIN 4728 is on standby to have its new exhaust installed, and has lost priority to a kitchen/living room renovation & 60-80 hour work weeks.

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