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Thread: Dream come true - DeLorean in Sao Paulo - Brazil!

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    Dream come true - DeLorean in Sao Paulo - Brazil!

    Hi everyone!
    I was interviewed and told my story to Auto Super (youtube car channel from Brazil) about having my dream come true, and the saga to find and buy my DeLorean in Brazil!
    Unfortunately the interview is in Portuguese, but the images are so good that I'd like to share with all DeLorean lovers.
    Hope you like it!

    Fernando Silotto. Sao Paulo - Brazil
    Delorean Vin 3772

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    Nice video Fernando. Well done
    VIN 2743, B/A, Frame 2227, engine 2320

    I don't always drive cars, but when I do, I prefer DeLoreans

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    Great video! Congratulations!!

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    Impressionante, Fernando! Muito boa produo.
    VR6 engine (367 rwhp/377 ftlb); Type T4 turbo; A/R=0.70/0.68; Air-to-air intercooler, Megasquirt MS3 Pro, Manual tranny w/ HD output shaft; Remote mounted oil filter.
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    Thanks for sharing

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