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Thread: Torque for Wheel Lugnuts

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    Torque for Wheel Lugnuts

    What is the recommended torque for the wheel lugnuts?

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    60 ft-lb
    One damn minute Admiral...

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    Avoid an impact gun if you have OEM lug-nuts. The caps have a tendency to come off.
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    Hi there,

    According to the Workshop Manual, it is 70ft/lbs. (L:12:01)

    I have had to take my wheels off enough that I have it memorized.
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    Interesting. I always thought it was 60 ft/lbs as well. As mentioned, wheel nuts are listed on L:12:1 at 70 ft/lbs, but "wheels" are listed on A:03:01 at 60 ft/lbs. I have always used the "wheels" spec, but now it looks like that might not be right.

    If "wheels" isn't the lug nuts, what is it?
    David Proehl

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    As per ST-09-7/81 which is the latest, most up to date spec, it says 60 ft/lbs. Last item under Rear Suspension at the bottom of the page. As for the lug nuts, make sure the socket is ALL THE WAY on the lug nut or you will damage and spin the shell cover. Best practice is to snug them up and then torque them in alternating order.
    David Teitelbaum

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    I just ring them on nice and tight with a breaker. Most everyone else does it too but they will not admit t it here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I just ring them on nice and tight with a breaker. Most everyone else does it too but they will not admit t it here.
    I do this now after finding loose lug nuts that were previously tightened to 60 ft*lbs.

    My lug nut caps have been coming off since they were new. Epoxy helps.
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    I torque them to 80 ft-lbs. 60-70 does not seem like enough to me.

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    60 is great for sitting in the garage. Ergo 60 is great for most cars.

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