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Thread: Oil Change help

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    Oil Change help

    I'm pulling the Delorean out in a few weeks. I need to change the oil and coolant, this will be my first time doing this by myself. I have a 2011 stage 2 motor, what is the recommended oil and filter? What is the recommended coolant as well? Thanks.

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    valvoline vr1 20w-50 for oil, bosch model 3421 works for oil filter, oreillys conventional green coolant. you will need the square plug tool before draining the oil though if you have the stock drain plug. you will also need copper washer. so youre best off buying the tool from dmc and picking up a pack of filters that come with the washers.

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    Okay... I need the square Oil Plug tool. I can't find it on the DMC site. Any ideas as to where I can find one? Is there a size I can ask for at a local tool or auto parts store?

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    It's an 8mm square male socket.
    Funny, I don't find it on the DeLorean website now either.


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    It's 5/16 which should be available at most part stores. Or DMC #111104

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    You can chase down a snap-on truck but they never carry it on the truck. Special order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMCMW Dave View Post

    You can chase down a snap-on truck but they never carry it on the truck. Special order.
    If necessary you can buy a short piece of 5/16 square stock and put a bend in it so it looks like an allen wrench. While you can reuse the old copper gasket it is best if you replace it. You should get the motor up to operating temperature before draining the oil. The coolant you drain cold. To do it properly you should drain each individually, the motor, the heater core, and the radiator. Flush with clean water, dump that and repeat til it comes out clear. Drain as much as you can then refill with 50/50 soft water and anti-freeze. Takes about 3-1/2 to 4 gallons so you need 2 gallons of anti-freeze. The good old green stuff (Prestone) is fine. As long as you are doing fluids, check the transmission level and flush the brakes and clutch. Another thing to check is the washer fluid bottle. If it hasn't been touched in a long time you should take the bottle out and wash it out with hot water. On my car it was filled with slime. The other filters are the air filter and the fuel filter if they haven't been changed in a long time.
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    I recommend using the thinnest head ratchet you have with the square drive socket. The space between the drain plug and the frame is limited. I always take a bit of aluminum foil and wrap it around the frame cross-member to protect it from the waterfall of black oil that will be rushing out. Bosch carries a filter that is a smaller diameter than other brands, a bit easier to install and remove later, no rubbing up against the oil sender.
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    Good time to change the plug for something like this

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    Also a good time to change the oil pressure sender if you have an old one

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