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Thread: Window not closing right

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaraSue View Post
    And another thing, I noticed the guide rail was kind of wobbly when the window went up and down, is that normal?
    No, the upper end of the guide might bend a bit just as the glass snugs up into the top position, but the rail should be tight. Looseness is bad.

    Front guide rail is held to the door in this way
    1. It's held to its bracket by a bolt in the middle. The head of that bolt faces toward rear of car.
    2. That bracket in turn bolts to the door frame.

    Make sure both bolts are tight. With the glass in the correct closed position.

    As noted elsewhere use something like duct tape to cover all of the punched openings in the inner door stainless so you don't get cut when you start working on anything inside the doors.
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    Got it!

    These guides were extremely helpful:

    Of course, I still didn't figure out until the end that I was supposed to pull the piece that holds it onto the actuator IMG_20170411_205048.jpg

    off before I tried to take the glass out. I ended up with more of the tube part sticking out at the top than was probably good, but when I got it back together it still worked so hopefully I didn't do too much damage.

    There was some black velcro stuff glued to the inside of the outer part of the door, so I guess should replace that too before I put everything back together? Some of it was still there, but a big swath of it was missing out of the middle. 3M weatherstripping seal to glue the new stuff in place? Hopefully I can get it in there without taking the window out again.

    You can see some of what's left of it in the lower right here (sorry I didn't think to put the window down before taking this so it's kind of weird with the reflection of the door in the glass): IMG_20170411_220538.jpg

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    Note to self: next time this happens, you only need to take the TOP half of the door panel off...

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    But its more fun to disassemble the whole car for one piece....hehe
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