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Thread: Door rod adjustment

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    Door rod adjustment

    Sorry for being a noob, how do you actually lengthen/shorten the rods? I understand the procedure but am not sure how to move the rods. I get that they need to be unclipped, but I feel like I'm going to break them if I turn them.

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    Those rods have a collar in the middle you turn to change the length. Each end of the collar will have (should have) a small nut to lock it in place when finished. You start by loosening the small locking nut on both ends and then dial, or turn, the collar so the rods gets longer or shorter for your needs. I believe those rods are really two separate pieces with the collar combining them inside that collar. That's how they can be adjusted. You are making the gap inside that collar between the tips of the rods bigger or smaller.

    You unhook the ends from those clips so you can turn it freely and adjust both ends correspondingly. When you are finished, you want to have rotated it so that it is the needed length and those hooks still face the same way they were, and can be inserted back into their holes.

    That kind of adjustment is very similar to how you change the length of the throttle linkage rod that goes between the throttle spool and butterfly arm lever.

    Here's a pic showing a couple of the rods and where you can see the lock nut and threaded collar that you "turn." A couple of mine only have one lock nut on them, but I believe they probably should have two. Perhaps this is a source of misalignment over time as they start to back themselves off?

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    Assuming that you are referring to the lock and latch rods inside the door, there is a lock nut on one side of the turnbuckle that you will need to loosen before attempting to make an adjustment. After you do that, it's as simple as turning it one way or the other to make the link longer or shorter. If the rods are out of whack, you should consider doing the whole lock and latch adjustment while you are in there.

    You can find the whole procedure here:

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