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Thread: DMC Florida Welcomes Brandon Shelton (Morpheus)

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    DMC Florida Welcomes Brandon Shelton (Morpheus)

    DeLorean Motor Company Florida would like to welcome Brandon Shelton to the DMC Family.

    I have known Brandon for almost 12 years as an upstanding member of the DeLorean community as well as one of the founding members of the DeLorean Club of Florida.

    Brandon has owned 3 DeLoreans over the years, has a vast knowledge of the car and will help ensure our customers have the best DeLorean experience possible.

    Please help welcome Brandon to our team!

    Tony Ierardi
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    I called yesterday to check on my car and am proud to be the very first to talk with Brandon Shelton in his new position

    DMCH New Build in 2005, Stage II, DPI Stainless Exhaust, Eibach Suspension, 170 Mph Speedometer, Xenon Lights, Wings-A-Loft, DMC Wide Angle Side Mirrors, 3rd Brake Light

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    Congratulations on the new job, Brandon!

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    Thanks, guys!
    Brandon S.

    2014 Honda Civic EX
    2007 Volvo S60R

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    Congrats Brandon! You will make a great team even stronger with your wealth of knowledge and support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMCFL Tony View Post
    has a vast knowledge of the car and will help ensure our customers have the best DeLorean experience possible.
    Proven by the work done to 6720 when I spoke to him about it before I bought it.
    5 speed, grooved hood, grey interior (Nov '81)
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