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Thread: Engine bogs on acceleration under 2000rpm

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    This is what I use to find leaks:
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    Quote Originally Posted by FABombjoy View Post
    I've had this idea for years now but never had to build one. My idea is to use some smoke bombs, dropped into a can or jar that has a hose attached. I'm guessing the pressure of the burning smoke bomb will drive the smoke out a hose attached to your intake manifold. I bought some smoke bombs last time I stopped at SOUTH OF THE BOARDER in South Carolina.
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    Not sure I would try guess fixing everything at the moment. With storage also brings out rodents that can chew a mess into things as well.

    That being said, I would keep it simple. Just because you have filled it with 91 does not mean it's ethanol free fuel or that the fuel has not gone bad. 4 months for storage of fuel to us may seem short but it's not.

    Read this article:

    I would run it as dry as possible and fill it with fresh fuel. Once this is done and you still have issues then go deeper.

    You may just be creating a mess due to a simple case of bad fuel. Been there done that.

    Just my 0.02

    Good luck.

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