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Thread: VFD replacement clocks

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    VFD replacement clocks

    Hello all,
    I am new here in DMCTalk, read and learned a lot from you.
    Just wanted to let you know, that I created a clock replacement
    with VF Display. I have summarized more details about the design
    and creation in one of my photo albums.
    So if you are in need of a replacement clock, I have created 3 more.
    You can see them on the attached pictures.
    Just let me know... your feedback or interest is very welcome.
    VF Display.jpgVFD Clocks.jpgfinished VFD Clock installed.jpg

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    furhter information

    ... sorry, forgot to add the addtional information, required in this category.

    The clocks and me are located in Germany.

    In terms of price I was just thinking about the cost of
    PCB manufacturing and parts cost on the PCB,
    which will end up in $75,- per clock.

    Depending on where you are, we have to check out the best
    way for shipping cost.

    Any questions or feedback are appreciated.

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    Thats a great deal. Those clocks look great.

    Here, somewhere.

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    Looks like they require an OEM clock core?
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    I'll take one.

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    If it has a battery to keep time when power is disconnected, I'll take one as well.

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    Count me in

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    I'll take one

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    Thanks for your interest.
    Here's some information and answers to your questions.

    Yes, you need the OEM case and lid and the hours/minutes
    adjustment pins. I have designed the clock
    to fit into the original case. Since I had to replace the
    clock and the case is still fine in my car.
    You can also re-use the original white plastic connector
    of the OEM clock by sliding out the old female jackets and
    inserting the ones of the new clock in the right order.
    That's the way I did it.

    Yes, it has a backup battery designed in on the PCB.
    (You have to insert a coin cell battery before installing
    into the console.) The clock is working with this coin
    cell (CR1216, CR1220, CR1225), only, since the RTC on board
    requires a back up, if the main power supply "fails".
    Not installing a battery will result in not proper running
    of the clock.
    This will also be the case, if the battery will be empty and
    needs replacement.

    For further information I attached a brief report on how I
    created the clocks.

    If we go on a first come first serve basis the clocks
    will go to:
    1. GS450-Junkie
    2. iflights
    3. powerline84

    Could you guys just write me a PM to clarify on how we
    will do next steps?

    I am sorry for "r00b", but I have no clocks left anymore.
    I would suggest, if the others like them, I can create
    some more (if still needed).

    Hope these answers are helpful.Report VFD Clock.jpg

    Any further questions or feedback, please let me know.

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    Paypal? Do you offer any kind of warranty with these clocks?

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