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Thread: Bae turbo kit parts, stock longblock parts, and more

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    Bae turbo kit parts, stock longblock parts, and more


    Still working on add and prices but in the mean time if interested just pm me with offer, If stuff doesn't sell here I will probably Ebay it but wanted to offer it to you guys first.

    *BAE turbo kit: (400 shipped) what you see is what you get, I make no promises on condition, turbo spins freely but in my opinion all of this stuff needs rebuilt.
    -intake pipes
    -turbo, waste gate, and exhaust (bolts rusted badly, exhaust is rough, turbo needs rebuilt)
    -modified distributor (slight miss shape on head but looks like it still works fine)
    -assortment of oil lines..really only good for showing what to recreate if you wanna assemble your own turbo kit.
    1st in line for turbo kit: sdg3205, 2nd is DMC-81 still waiting to here from them if they are interested.

    -stock valve covers
    -stock original alternator (needs rebuilt)
    -crank pulley (rusty but can be cleaned up)
    -stock crossover exhaust (good shape)
    -stock timing chain setup
    -stock valley of death y-pipe
    -stock valley of death coolant pipe
    -stock timing chain cover
    -stock delorean lower block piece, windage tray, and oil pan (good for someone doing a conversion needing these pieces)
    -stock oil pump and pickup
    -left and right cylinder heads with exhaust manifolds and valve-train/cam (loaded...didn't feel like trying to take exhaust manifolds off so buyer gets those to. heads look good, great candidate for rebuilds
    -stock clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate (all need to be rebuilt/surfaced)
    -stock brake master (needs rebuilt)
    -stock brake servo (needs rebuilt)
    -original door lower ball strut mounts (both in good shape)
    -original drivers side door finisher for t panel attachment...good shape top left corner has a piece of plastic missing.
    -stock clutch master, needs rebuilt
    -stock water pump, needs rebuilt
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