I just finished cleaning/painting, new bushings and bearings, new shocks and new steering rack.

In addition to all of that I purchased a complete suspension nut and bolt kit from DMCMW. (Big love to Mike and Suzy)

I am now ready to put it all back together.

Before I do all that I have a few questions.

There are may types of grease and lube for different uses.

What is the best type of product for each application?

1. Ball joints

2. Bushings

3. Hub wall and spindle shaft (around bearing)

4. Bolts. (Not the thread but the shaft)

5. Steering rack. (Mine is new but for future maintenance)

6. Steering shaft, u-joints etc

7. Axle shaft u-joints

8. Angle drive

9. Any other parts to lube? With what?

If there are any other tips, tricks, or pointers about grease and lube, let's hear it, please.

Last question on this front.

Do specific brands matter with greases and lubes as far as product quality, durability, longevity, purity, etc.