Carlisle PA has some pretty good shows through the summer. They used to have the Kit Car show, which turned in to the Import/Kit show as interest (and attendance) in kit cars started dying, then the final nail went in the coffin and they just called it the Import Performance show, and the kit cars are 'allowed to attend'. Many still do.

I used to make a yearly pilgrimage back when I owned a couple kits. Heck, I almost forgot, I still own a kit car (Ferrari Dino). Then I went when I had my Lotus. There is always an interesting mix of cars. The Volvo crew turns out in mass, as well as the Saab guys, oddly enough. But this is a great show for seeing some amazing custom work on all sorts of cars. There are also a lot of great restorations, and some really well built kit cars, new and old.

Now, is a Delorean an import? I don't know, what do you call a car that was created by an American company, built in Ireland, designed by an Italian, mounted on a frame from the UK and powered by a motor that's a joint venture between France and Sweden? I'm going with import.

So I think I will go to this show. I used to go Sat+Sun, but now I find I can cover what I want to see in a day. I drive up Sat morning, make my rounds and head back in the eve. It's $10 to enter, or $40 to show. I'll get the $40 pass and park the D on the grounds and consider it an expensive parking spot. I don't usually hang around by my car - I like to wander around.

If anyone wants to join me, I would love the company.