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Thread: Floor mat Options

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    It pained me slightly to spend that kinda money on floor mats, but the dmch ones are just to nice. I grabbed a set at Dcs a few years back

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    Try Lloyd Mat. They make mats for Delorean's. They offer floor mats, deck mat and trunk mat.

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    Before and after, original mats and the repro DMCH ones in my car:



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    DMCH has nice mats. I even have the grey mats Dave S doesn't care for. I like them a lot because they really help brighten up the interior.

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    Or you could do this? Not mine, but from a Swiss DeLorean-owner I once saw in France ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_NYS View Post
    Thanks, do they fit well?
    They fit great! I could not be happier with them.
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    Posts:    275 seems to be cheaper if you ship it from europe... free shipping too.

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    I wonder if http://cocomats.comwould make some for the delorean. I think they can make customs work.

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