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Thread: How To: Remove bushings from Upper Control Arm using simple hardware

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    How To: Remove bushings from Upper Control Arm using simple hardware

    The Upper Control Arm bushings can be difficult to remove without distorting the UCA's sheet metal flanges and require just the right adapters to do the job. As luck would have it, some simple chain link hardware from Home Depot that I had laying around turned out to be of the almost perfect dimensions to do the job. Do as follows:

    - Spray down the bushings with a penetrating lube, such as 5-56. The longer you let it set, the better.
    - Get one of these: 2-3/8 in. Galvanized Steel Tension Band and beat it into a somewhat round shape. Hammer it in between the two flanges.
    - On the side of the UCA to which you are wanting the bushing to come out, use parts of this: 2-3/8 in. Chain Link Corner Wood Adapter Clamp around the outside of the OD of the bushing.
    - To press out the bushing, use the largest socket possible (I believe I used a 23 mm socket).
    - Clamp it together in a press (or, as in my case, a regular vise).
    - Press that sucker out!

    I worked flawlessly for me. Check out the following pictures and you probably see how it all comes together:
    2017-04-02 15.58.53.jpg2017-04-02 16.51.14.jpg
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    Thats very clever!

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