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Thread: Wreck of 17158 - 4 cylinder turbo swap

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    Yeah dude, water pump in situ is obscene.

    My engine twists my frame.

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    I wish I could say differently but Iím afraid Iíve been pounding on a couple other project cars and mine always seems to get pushed to the side
    Not to say I havenít moved forward, cooling system is pretty much finished, rear suspension is done other the axels, Iíve started tinkering on the front, itís not to far off. Progress is better then none. Chassis finished and body on forsure this summer

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    As oldtimers are likely no longer welcome on European roads in the near future an economic environmentally friendly engines would be the option. If that would be the deal that would allow my Delorean on the road, I would take it immediately. Better than rediculous taxes with very limited mileage or not roadlegal anymore.

    This is interesting

    Steering with power

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    How this project coming along?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riley88 View Post
    How this project coming along?
    yeah gary get off your lazy ass and get this thing moving!

    I think hes wrenching on other cars, he has so many projects its hard to keep up.

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