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Thread: 5063 the tale goes on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwanmtr View Post
    What'd you have to do to get the door to to open?
    I pushed the rod for the front latch to the extreme closed position, wiggled the lock rod and made sure it was all the way in the open position, and then pulled the rod to open the front latch.

    Prior to that I soaked everything in wd40.

    The cable from the outside door handle has so much friction it will hardly retract at all, so for now it needs a helping hand...

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    filling the valley

    Hi all, after spending a few months building a new bathroom in our house, I'm finallly at the end of that project, and restoration will commence.

    The valley of my engine is empty, and after some cleaning, I'm ready to start rebuilding it.

    In what order do I re-assemble things?

    -coolant plumbing
    -fuel distributor
    -fuel lines
    -throttle body
    -air metering assembly
    -throttle linkage
    -spark plugs
    -plug wires
    -clutch slave
    -engine wiring harness

    that's just me randomly listing the things that come to mind (and what I have spares for ).

    Any suggestions for an optimized list for order of assembly?


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