Here is for those novices like me dreading removing the dash pad and binnacle...

The binnacle is pretty easy, there's a thread already on removing that...just 6 nuts 3 on each side undeneath.

The dash pad is easy-ish too...just fiddly...

First..remove the seats, unless you're a rodent and can squeeze your body, in which case continue on (seats are held in by 4 nuts under the car)
Remove the center console..this will make it easier to get to the 2 evil nuts and also save you from damaging it.

Now....climb into the car and get your head up under the dash (arent you glad you took the seats out now?)
Important safety tip: while your turning the nuts for extended time, dont stare up out the windheild at the open door looming above you and contemplate what would happen if your torsion bar broke just then, sending the door slamming down

Remove the kneepads..theyre just held in by 4 or 6 nuts, easy to locate. Remove the speakers (will make it easier to pull the dash free)
Remove the corner pieces which are held in by 3 nuts each...I recommend putting the nuts and washers onto the peices you take off to make sure you dont lose any (not that I've ever lost a nut or washer).
Remove the glove box lid and inner part (careful, if you have an original, its brittle and will break). You need to remove the glove box lid catch too.

On each end of the dash pad itself are 3 nuts, these are easy to get out. The two in the middle are a pain....get a wiggly wrench (10mm) (ratcheting)..reach up over the center duct and you'll feel them...One of the I think also has a bracket for the radio (not sure but thats what I think the mangled peice of metal that was attached to mine was). You wont see those nuts you just have to feel them and go slow cause you dont wanna drop them.

Here's a picture showing the locations on the dash pad...


Oh, and since you have the ducts off, be a good time to clean out the critter nest in the main vent box....

Anyway, hope this helps someone else.