Do you have a DeLorean that needs an entire K-Jet system? If so, I might be able to help you out! I have a complete K-Jet system that I recently removed from 4194 that I'm offering up for sale. The system ran and last drove on October 16, 2016. To provide a bit of a background, I was having so much fun driving my carbed DeLorean (5052) that I decided to de-turbo and carb 4194 as well.

Prior to it's removal, I put a few thousand miles on the K-Jet system per year, including last year. This system made the round trip from Lansing Michigan to the 2014 DCS in Dayton OH without incident.

Included in the sale is:

The fuel distributor (with the rare individual cylinder adjustment screws!)
The control pressure regulator
Frequency Valve
6 Injectors
Cold Start Injector
Distributor to injector hoses
Distributor to CPR Hoses
Original Style Fuel Pump


I did not remove the accumulator from the car, but I could remove it and include it in the sale (subject to negotiation). I also have a braided stainless filter to distributor hose and a braided stainless return hose that I will include as well.

What's not included: The intake and throttle butterfly, but I may include the upper mixture unit.

I was planning on keeping the system in the event that I ever sold the car, but after 19 years of ownership I really don't see that ever happening. Plus as we are all aware, K-Jet doesn't like to sit, so if another owner can put the system to use and get their car back on the road, all the better! Plus compared to buying reman parts, you get to keep your valuable cores!

The price is $800 without the accumulator or $900 with the accumulator. Plus actual shipping cost from Lansing, Michigan.

PM me if interested.