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Thread: How Close Are you To Another Delorean Owner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by citizen View Post
    The Registry for Utah shows some 47 cars, with 15 just in SLC. Only 5 are listed in the DOD. Yours is one of them.

    Huh, almost all of those are in the greater SLC metro area. Wonder where they're all hiding? Every now and then somebody will ask me if I was driving it someplace where I wasn't so I know there's a couple other ones out and about. I never saw another one in the state until I got mine.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lwanmtr View Post
    Delorean Registration....why do I have this picture of Delorean owners being rounded up and sent to..uhm.... camp?
    When cars are outlawed, only outlaws will own cars, heh...

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    Only two blocks away, my neighbor! He has a black one, a beautiful car actually even though I have typically never been a fan of the painted ones. I never knew there was one so close until he followed me home one day to introduce himself. There are two others within about 5 miles. One of which I have yet to meet.

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    I wish I knew...Oklahoma Delorean Owners Group is no longer active. If only there was a get together in Oklahoma I could attend.

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    The other one who was here for five years moved to the West Coast, so now falls under the BC umbrella.

    Now, there's one (and maybe more, but nobody can prove it) about an hour and a half West. (Sudbury)
    One near 2.5 hours South. (Barrie)
    Rumours of one 4 hours North. (Timmins)
    Ottawa has a number of them, and they're four hours East.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    You're in Bricklin country up there! One of these days I'll take 177 on a road trip to Saint John.
    I live pretty close to the area where the Bricklin was built!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kukem View Post
    I live pretty close to the area where the Bricklin was built!
    Off topic, but what is the address/location of the old factory? I'd like to try and look it up on Google Earth.

    Wake me when hockey season returns...

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    new owner mendota hgts minnesota

    I see there are some other owners in Minnesota near me. I bought an 81 last weekend that was stored for 31 years in a nice clean garage. last owner freshened it up some and i bought it and drove it home 200 miles with a/c cranking and 75 mph all the way home, cool adventure. would like to talk with some other locals. please reach out to me look forward to chatting. FYI really love owning it so far, kids in the neighborhood freak every time I drive by.

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    I know a few of the fellow owners in Pittsburgh, but haven't met all of them yet.

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    There's another one not more than 5 miles from me; I haven't met the owner, but have been at the other side of a stoplight from him. Fellow forumite opethmike lives not too far away and has been to my house.

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    I'm pretty close to Michael, but we don't live anywhere near each other. -hah!
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