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Thread: "Serious Sh*t" VIN 4529

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    [QUOTE=vwdmc16;218362]Porsche M28 4.7L 928 engine in my car. With the cam boxes it would be very tight plus the crank pulley would need to be shortened down to one serpentine belt to save space. Did this about 7 years ago.

    As a Professional fabricator that has done engine swaps and have built/worked on 928 race cars, I will state YES this is a doable swap. It wont be easy or cheap obviously and it will need few updates to make it all livable. I have a price in mind if you's like me to do it........

    Well that answers the question of whether or not it's been done before..

    I greatly appreciate the offer Sir but I have a strict clause in my vehicle maintenance policy that vlearly states, only pay someone else to work on your car if your hands are broken or have been removed. If your willing though I'd love to talk with you more about specifics.

    Cost comes up a lot with swaps. I'm curious, what is "expensive"? I'm a diesel guy so expensive to me is doing a 24v Cummins with a 4r100 on an old square body Chevy to the tune of 10k. When we're saying, this 928 swap will be expensive, what are we really talking?
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    Clint you crazy man. I never knew you mocked that up.

    To do a full custom engine swap in a delorean (not another prv etc) I would budget anywhere between 6 and 10k, speaking from experience. The engine is always the cheapest item, its everything else that nickles and dimes you up to the total.

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    Agreed, I would estimate the same plus 40% Porsche Tax.

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    Is that DIY or paying a mechanic?
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    Sorry if I missed it but what transaxle did you use?

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    No transmission, that was just a 10 minute mock up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangermouse View Post
    Is that DIY or paying a mechanic?
    DIY, a shop would charge atleast $25k on top for labor and it would take 6 months to do it and work out issues.

    Take for example the ongoing saga of the "Worlds fastest Delorean", he started the swap in what Feb? I commend the guy that did the actual work and transferred the engine in just a few days but its been a few months and the car still has no working gauges, huge tuning issues, and he just blew up his clutch. All that using a LS engine, one of the most used engines for swaps that has a multi million dollar aftermarket support industry.

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    If you're including the cost of doing the auto to manual conversion, then you better budget $10,000 at a minimum. It will probably take around $2,000-$3,000 just to get all the parts you need for that transmission swap. $10k will probably get you driving, but not necessarily complete (because it will never be complete).

    This is all excluding the Porsche factor though. The numbers above would be if someone was sure about replicating mine or Josh's swap by themselves. If you're really talking about Porsche parts, that could definitely add some cost. Though if you are doing a Porsche engine, then consider buying one with a Porsche manual transmission and see if you can get the drivetrain all together.

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    Don't forget improved suspension + upgraded brakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaleyJoe36 View Post
    That's the hope so that it'll help bring this car back. I'm a big fan of LS motors but I dare to be different here...
    The desire is to use a Porsche 928 V8 as it was the motor used for the sound effects in the movie when Doc shows Marty the car in the parking lot. I'm still doing research as to which V8 it actually was and if it will work. I'm of the opinion that if you're hard headed enough, anything can work, we'll see.

    I guess I should start a build thread. Rook move....
    A 928 engine, eh? Speaking as a guy who used to work at DEVEK (928 people know what that means), those v8s are sweet but... the earlier motors are more likely to fit than the 32-valve, 4-cam monsters. Those barely fit into a 928, let alone a DeLorean.

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