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Thread: Tips on Removing Driver's Side Injector

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    Tips on Removing Driver's Side Injector

    Any tip on an easy way to remove the driver's side injector located toward the front of the car. It's very inaccessable and blocked in by other things.

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    If I were doing it, I would remove the ISM with mounting bracket. You don't need to remove the so called pipe of agony. Just loosen the hose clamp ISM side of the elbow hose. Pull back and rotate the tube assembly towards the front. If you still need more room. Unbolt the ISM bracket ( 2 Allen head bolts)

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    I've been able to get mine in and out several times with a 1/4" drive swivel socket and extension on the fuel line along with a hand wrench on the injector. You can turn the injector slightly to get things lined up. You won't need to take anything else off it just takes a little patience. I used a small pick tool to remove the injector clip. Probably took 5 mins to get it out.

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    Remove the ISM. If you leave the POA in place, be very sure the o-ring and metal seal retainer don't fall out and cause a vacuum leak. Sometimes with movement they come out and work their way down the POA into view. I use a flashlight to ensure there is no leak. Put it outside the intake and check through the metering plate.

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