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Thread: Hot start issue, won't start right after turn off the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan S. View Post
    I've put a new oring recently too.

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    Three more tests. Before trying to start it see if there is any resistance when you try to push the air sensor plate down. Now try starting hot again but check for spark. If you have spark then try the plug swap and see what difference that makes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madstudios View Post
    Hi everyone!

    I'll describe my hot start issue:

    If I turn off the car with the engine hot, and try to turn on right after (or within a minute or 2), it won't start... and If I try to crank for a couple of times it smells like the engine is flooded. I have to wait a bit, like 5 to 10 minutes and then it fires up.

    Any thoughts?

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    This may not fix your issue, but try depressing the gas pedal 1/4 - 1/2 while cranking the Hot engine. It should help clear the excess fuel and help it to re-start it.

    It is stated in the owners manual to depress the throttle a 1/4 travel to aid in starting. We are so used to modern EFI vehicles we tend to skip this step and don't touch the pedal when cranking most of the time the engine fires right up this way but not always for some situations.

    What is the Ambient Air temp when the problem occurs most of the time?

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