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Thread: 2 Deloreans for sale

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    2 Deloreans for sale


    I have 2 Deloreans for sale right now. Bothe 5 speeds.

    Car no 1: Gas flap hood car, black interior. Very nice, better than average condition. Interior is perfect, the body is better than average and the frame is excellent. Hasent run in 10 years. Will need all service performed but you will have a great car when done. $24,000

    Car no 2: car is currently on eBay. Grey interior, late 81. Was painted at the dealership, I had soda blasted. I cleaned out gas tank and installed new fuel pump, accumulator, warm up regulator, fuel lines and injectors. Powder coated intake, timing gear cover and valve covers as well as all of the brackets. Also replaced all of the hydraulics in the clutch. New struts. Left window is intermittent, right work fine, all relays fuses and breakers replaced. Runs great! Minor damage to front right finder. Breaks still need service.

    Located in Indiana

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    VINs and photos, please Is the engine in car 1 shot from sitting? Thanks...

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    I'll post some pics when I return on Friday or Saturday. I have not replaced the fuel system so I am not going to run it. I did disconnect the RPM relay and it turned over with compression.

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    i am looking for a project, but $24k is a lot more than i can afford for a car that could sink another $20k getting it on the road (tank/fuel system/engine could be shot/+all the other D things we know from a sitting car, hydraulics are bound to be shot etc.

    if you can come down alot i would be intereted..i can udnerstand you want as much as possible..

    it would be to ship to the UK.

    i have already restored a D quite a few years agon, but deperate to get back to D ownership!



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    eeek that tow strap is not in the right place!

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