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Thread: WTB Used Fuel Lines, banjo bolts

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    WTB Used Fuel Lines, banjo bolts

    I'm looking for used injector fuel lines, and some banjo bolts. My engine is missing some lines and banjo bolts. im trying to test out the orig prv, to see if she will run, before dumping a ton of money into new parts on this engine. If anyone out there has upgraded to the braided lines and still has the old lines, they may work for testing this engine.

    Thanks Kindly

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    I have a set of fuel lines if you want them. I don't have an extra set of banjo bolts though.

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    Ok, I've figured out all my fuel lines are there, I'm missing some of the hollow bolts that connect up to the side of the fuel distributor. I have posted a revised wanted ad for these with pics.

    Thanks for the replies

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