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Thread: Special steering part needed

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    Special steering part needed

    I have a quite nasty problem. My car's front wheels are moving about 1-2 mm sideways, because there is a faulty part in the steering. I attached photos to show it.
    Ed from said, that "It is not that part that is broken. Inside there is a spring, and plastic cup, which is bad." But there is no replacement.

    Can anyone give me a hint, how to fix this? Buying the whole rack assembly for 360 euro is a bit expensive, if it is fixable cheaper.
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    If you want to do it yourself get a rebuild kit from rob grady .

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    Good video on youtube from Martin Gutkowski.
    Shows you how to take it appart.
    If it is just the plastic piece worn out you should be able to have one made up from nylon. Not that difficult for a machine shop.
    Took my stearing rack appart this winter after seeing this video. Car steering is perfect now.

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    Tie rod ends thread onto the rack. You should be able to get a new end with the same thread. You can see in the photo the flats you hold with a open end wrench and the teeth marks from a pipe wrench. It has been apart before. Change both rods

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    Is this the "cup" you are referring to in the Steering? The originals are made of a plastic/polymer material.

    Here's the link that worked for me.

    I used these parts to replace the original cups, I did not find any problems with my springs (that sit on the backside of the cups).

    Here's a posting from an original thread that mentioned the Lotus link...
    Quote Originally Posted by gamerguy51 View Post
    Hey guys, I found out I need a new p/s bushing after taking out my steering rack. Upon disassembly I found a broken nylon cup that sits inside the jam nuts. Well, surprise nobody has that part. So after much googling I think i've found a suitable replacement part. Apparently the Lotus's manufactured around the same time feature the same or similar rack. There is a site that sells phosphor bronze versions of these cups. Has anyone tried these yet? If so let me know how they worked out. Also I commissioned a bronze bushing maker on ebay to make the bushing for under $10. I'll let you guys know how it turned out!
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    We manufacture and use brass cups as well. Beats plastic any day.

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    Thanks the answer to everybody. Now I start to understand the real problem and I can tell my mechanic, what to do. I am not too good in fixing cars, so I can't do this alone, but with your help, my car will work perfectly in no time.

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