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Thread: Just got pulled over for doing 88

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_maxime View Post
    I've gone to court twice for tickets and I have never seen the ticketing officer there, so I don't know where this "if the officer doesnt show up, your ticket gets dismissed" logic comes from.
    I thought I remembered it from this book but skimming through it again just now I couldn't find the passage I was thinking of so maybe it was anecdata from a friend who'd had a ticket dismissed because a cop didn't show up and the judge was annoyed about it (this would have been in SoCal, 10+ years ago).

    That book does mention that if in court the officer testifies and can't remember the specifics of your incident you have a good chance of getting a reduced fine or dismissal, but something tells me that won't be the OP's case...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boingonut View Post
    Its got blue LED's in the engine bay, the interior and under it. It also has a hardwired full sized flux capacitor. I took out the flux capacitor out, but it is easy to put it back in. Also I have a BTTF speedo.

    Thats actually my house, but almost all houses in Southern California built in the 60's kind of look like the McFly house
    Probably in LA more than San Diego- depending on what part of the county you're in. Neat lighting on your car too!

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    Ya know..aint seen any interviews with cop who gave the ticket...seems
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    I'm surprised the officer didn't write up a citation for the missing front license plate.

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    The officer doesn't always show up BUT if you plead not guilty they will reschedule and the officer MUST be there. If he can't make it they often will reschedule but if he never shows up they will eventually dismiss it. In this case I think you WANT the officer to show up. He may be very amenable to reducing the charge and if he recommends that to the prosecutor there is a good chance you won't get any points. If they think all of this publicity was good for them they may be lenient.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David T View Post
    Maybe take the car to a local hospital for some kids to sit in for community service or a DARE program?
    This is genius! Instead of paying $400 and getting points, offer to do something like that for kids...the news will likely pick up the story again as a happy ending.

    Everyone loves a happy ending!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boingonut View Post
    I just got an email coming to my very very private school email account for a ticket fighting company that offered their services for free and that whole thing feels kinda sleazy. I'm just going to pay the ticket, go to traffic school so I can avoid getting points on my license and move on.
    Finding people's e-mail and home addresses is never hard. Somewhere, it's published on a website. Is it really sleazy though? Or is that just a sign of someone resourceful, and/or your information simply not being as private as you thought? Don't rush to judgement on that just yet...

    But getting back to the subject, while pleading guilty seems like a "noble" idea, it really is not. When I was 21 I had a speeding ticket, and decided to do the same as you. Thought I'd just pay the ticket, and then do some driving classes to avoid getting points on my license. The problem though is that there are 3 databases. A private database one only the police can see, a public DMV record of your tickets that insurance companies (and potentially other states) have access to, and then the one that keeps track of your "points".

    Just like you're looking to do, I paid the fine, and then did a defensive driving course. So I had the points removed, but then I discovered the hard way that the DMV's record was still there showing that I had a traffic ticket I was convicted for. Paying the fine is an automatic admission of guilt as it constitutes a guilty plea, and a No Contest (Nolo Contendere) plea has the exact same ramifications, but without the admission of guilt so that the offense can be used against you as evidence in another trial. Now while the defensive driving class removed the points from my license, the state kept the record of my traffic ticket where they made it available to all insurance companies. My insurance rates immediately shot up, and remained there for the next 3 years! All the other insurance companies also saw the ticket because of that database, and had even worse rates. Again, 3 years of waiting for rates to go back down, and 3 years of being barred from employment for jobs that demanded a clean driving record.

    People love to make lawyers the butt of jokes. But when you need one, especially to navigate either the law or the local courthouse staff, you really appreciate them. So I highly suggest you find one and take advantage of their services and get rid of this ticket. It won't be easy with all the attention you've drawn to yourself, especially if you've publicly admitted guilt. But a good attorney can get the ticket at least knocked-down to some parking tickets to get rid of it, and the long-term ramifications.

    As for the fame, like others have said, give it a week to die down, and it'll be like you never existed.

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    Yeah, I got a ticket for doing 70 in a 65 (it was really more like 90, but the cop tried to be nice). My insurance rate went up by about 30%, so I can't even imagine what 18 over the limit would have been. (I've been making a conscientious effort not to speed ever since.) If you're insuring your car as a daily driver it's not going to be pretty. Seconding what others have said about trying to negotiate and get it lowered to a lesser violation or dismissed in exchange for community service. With the car you've got something to offer that would be good publicity for both the charity and the CHP!

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    sadly, you are as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a puddle of pee.

    Not only have you admitted your guilt to numerous and publications, you have admitted that you knew you were doing 85 (in a 65) and you decided to go even faster.

    Now if you hire a super defense lawyer like Johnny Cochrane, he may get you off - by finding 3 witnesses that swear that the puddle of pee was there before you got there; and that the glove doesn't fit, but would probably charge $1000/hr thereby nullifying any savings

    It's not the CHP you are negotiating with - they have their good publicity - "yes, we caught a guy speeding, and even though he was a BTTF fan, as was the officer, we gave him a ticket anyway. Because we apply the law equally. (And didn't assault him, which is always good)"; it's the courts

    What's in it for the prosecutor or court to let you off? If they say "tsk, tsk, it was only a movie fan doing 23 MPH over the speed limit, what's the harm" and let you off, they will just encourage any other D driver to do the same, as they know at least some of those publications may do a follow up story. Find a charity that the court/sherrifs dept supports and make your offer in that direction.

    Hope you don't have a "SuperSpeeder" law in CA like we do in GA, that automatically adds a further $200 fine (from the state, not the court) to any charge of more than 20 over the limit

    As Robert says, I would also look into a lawyer, just not Johnny Cochrane
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangermouse View Post
    As Robert says, I would also look into a lawyer, just not Johnny Cochrane
    Yes, I agree that Johnnie Cochrane couldn't get this ticket dismissed. Although there is a slight mitigating circumstance as to why that is....

    I dunno. Maybe Howard Weitzman could help? He too got O.J. off, and happens to know a thing or two about De Loreans...

    But seriously, I doubt the ticket will be straight dismissed. Most municipalities just want the cash, so they'll just amend the ticket to a bunch of parking tickets that equate the same amount as the fine. But you don't get the insurance hike because you've got a clean driving record, so you still come out ahead financially.

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