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Thread: Driving 4728

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    Yesterday I made the final drive with 4728 to a dropoff point in my hometown. It was a great day for a drive and I had my daughter with me. Although feeling the usual seller's remorse, a friend from my local club stopped by with his DeLorean & kept me company while I waited for my wife to pick up my daughter & I. (That's much more assuring than you might expect.)

    I had the sales experience I hoped for when selling 4728: I met with the new owner in person to inspect the car & test drive, discuss the work completed & needed, and answer all questions. I pointed out the good, as well as the bad.

    When I bought 4728 from Casey in Mississippi, Steve checked it for me. It was dark, and the car wasn't properly prepared for a test drive (Steve had to get it running, needed air in a tire...etc.) Casey was good about sending pics & videos, but when I received the car I found undisclosed damage, [minor]parts missing, and felt the condition was somewhat misrepresented. But, it ran and has a nice solid southern frame, so I was satisfied....but the buying experience wasn't overly positive.

    When I decided to sell 4728, I planned to give the next owner a proper DeLorean buying experience. I was also inspired by Jesse's experience he posted about, when he bought his car from Tom.

    -I drove 60 miles to meet the buyer in a parking lot (in my hometown) ~10AM Sunday 10/18, planning 2 hours for questions & walkaround.
    -We went to a nearby Dunkin' Donuts for coffee & more discussion, and interacted with some civilians.
    -Noon appointment to put the car on a lift. We discussed the AC work, axle seal, stainless work needed.....etc.
    -20 mile road trip to meet with 2 other DeLoreans for coffee at 1PM. One of the DeLoreans is a car the new owner is familiar with from the late 80's.
    -20 mile return trip back, more discussion and to negotiate a price.

    We agreed on a fair price and he wired the funds. He lives a few hours drive away in a nearby state, but the car will be in my hometown where my parents live, so I offered to deliver it for him.

    The timing of the sale also went as planned; I hoped to get a full season of driving, then sell at the end of the season. I drove 53 times this year, totaling 4,517 miles. I'm a little sad to see it go, but I gained another DeLorean friend & club member, and hope to see the car semi-regularly at club meets when I'm driving 4519.

    I logged a lot of miles & good times with 4728, and I believe I'll see many more with her and the new owner....
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    Always good when a selling experience goes as you hope it will (for the buyers too)...

    Of course, one just hopes the new owner doesnt do something like putting spinners on the car and painting it florescent green (yup had to put that thought in your're welcome)
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    My VIN:    I respect my vin enough not to whore it out among the masses. and address of new owner please. I have a few JC Whitney and JEGS catalogs I need to send him.

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    That's awesome . Great story

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    You're one of the good guys, Rich. And our DeLorean community is better because you're a part of it.

    Sept. 81, auto, black interior

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

    I'm pretty happy with where the car went; the new owner is well-informed, and a legit enthusiast. It's his first DeLorean, but he's been researching a long time and is highly familiar with the car. When we met with the other owners, we were coincidentally lined up by build month. He was the first one to notice the hood & antenna styles displayed chronologically.

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