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Thread: DeLorean Rental near north of Atlanta?

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    DeLorean Rental near north of Atlanta?

    Hello, I am interested in renting a DeLorean for a small local commercial for a retro video game store. The scene with the DeLorean will only have it parked in a garage just sitting there, and we will film with it only for 3-4 hours. It is a very low budget, but we can afford $200 for the rental + gas reimbursement. The owner of the store and we are very excited to work with a DeLorean for this, so if someone could help us out, that would be awesome! Also, on set, you will be provided with lunch and snacks.

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    When would this be?


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    Also looking for a Delorean for a small photoshoot in the Atlanta for late september/ early October

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