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Thread: More Popular, Manual or Auto?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas R View Post
    More than you can imagine. First and foremost before ANYTHING else, you have to find an automatic transaxle setup that operates in the rear engine configuration.
    They flipped the ring gear to make the Renault 4141 work in the DMC-12. As far as I know, that's the only internal modification that needed to be done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas R View Post
    I only know of one car that ever successfully swapped automatic transmissions. My understanding is that it was a Porsche Tiptronic unit, but that it still had to be shifted manually (just with no clutch). I could be wrong, but this was what I had previously heard.
    If you're referring to Bob Brandys' "97 DeLorean Time Machine," I believe the computer control was functional, if I heard correctly here: (Apologies if you've seen this vid already.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas R View Post
    Supposedly the Renault 4141 3 speed was succeeded by the Renault AR4 4 speed but I've never heard anyone trying to change transmissions. I dont really know anything about the AR4 other than that it exists.
    If memory serves, the AR4 was used on the Renault Safrane, but that was a front-wheel drive application. Not sure if the torque converter was locking (ours is non-locking). Also not sure if anyone's tried to install one to a DMC-12; I guess that depends on if you could just take the AR4 and flip the ring gear to make it compatible a la Dunmurry Engineering
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    Actually, Nick and Farrar are both somewhat correct.

    Although the shift computer can be programmed, a "best case" mapping has not been able to be programmed (yet).

    The majority of time I have seen the car being driven (by Bob or Gail), the car has been shifted "manually".

    In any case, Bob Brandys (Bob635) will likely chime in here at some point.

    I'm not sure exactly what Bob has planned for the transmission in his New Dream DeLorean Project (2017).

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