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Thread: VIN 5084 - Getting ready to put her on the road again

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    VIN 5084 - Getting ready to put her on the road again

    Hello group. Just wanted to introduce myself. I bought VIN 5084 (5sp with grey interior) last summer and am finally getting her ready to be back on the road again. I bought her from a gentleman in Las Vegas and now she lives in Arlington TX. She has 17k documented miles on her and has been a garage queen the last 15 years. The previous owner had DMC do an extensive restoration/updates in 2003 and then again in 2012. She has since been in the garage with only about 500 miles in 5 years. I finally got her tagged and inspected and now I'm ready to hit the road with her again. Look forward to enjoying/dreading the Delorean ownership experience!


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    Beautiful looking car! Let your adventure begin man, its a blast

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    Welcome to the forum
    And congratulation on your purchase, just enjoy the car now

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    Congratulations on getting her..looks nice..more pics? hehe

    and Welcome to the funny farm
    Rob Depew
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    The Ressurection of 4877......
    Now Accepting Donations to get her back on the road

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