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Thread: Looking for a 5 Speed in decenrly good shape

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    Looking for a 5 Speed in decenrly good shape

    Hi everyone,

    I am finally ready to start shopping for my dream car (as it is everyone's on here I am sure). I have monitored pricing, etc for years but the biggest issue seems to be finding an actual car that fits what I am looking for. I am looking to spend in the range of $20K - $25K, 5 speed that runs well, no (minimal) rust. Interior/dash issues, etc are ok I am mostly concerned with the running condition. I don't think my price requirement is too far off base so if anyone has anything or knows of anything please let me know. Thank you!

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    You may do better maintenance-wise at the $30k mark these days, with the caveat that these cars will always require TLC. I only owned one a short time but it was a good running D in 2010 I picked up for $18.5k, then to be safe I had all the wiring/engine/mechanical stuff fixed for about $8k (spent another $7k on cosmetics) Public math that's $26.5k for, fingers crossed, a good running D. But the prices since 2010 have been rising it seems almost $1k/year. No expert here but it's my 2 cents. Just get the recommended book before purchasing and see if a D owner/mechanic can look with you before buying. Others on the forum may say a lower price, but it depends where you purchase and what condition you're really willing to accept from the get-go.
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