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Thread: 81 VIN 4249 Gray 5spd in Colorado

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    81 VIN 4249 Gray 5spd in Colorado

    After many years of fun, I have decided to sell my Delorean. You can check out the eBay listing here:

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    Chrissummit, please review the For Sale Sections Rules, HERE...


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    Chris, please update your ad accordingly. This link will be closed until you update with pics and description. You may pm me and I will reactivate. I have allowed your initial post to stay active but locked for now, if a member sees fit to pm you with questions. If I haven't heard from you soon I will delete the ad.
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    My VIN:    500 ft pounds torque.

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    Re opened and pending update. Thank you!
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    More information:

    I just listed my 1981 Delorean on eBay. It has 13k miles on it, runs and drives great, and the body is near perfect. I have owned this car for 15 years and drive it about 500 miles per year. It has been kept in a heated and cooled garage. I have decided to sell it now that I have 2 kids driving and not enough garage space.

    I purchased this car in January of 2002 in Irving Tx. The previous owner let the car sit for many years before deciding to sell it. They got it running, put new tires on it, and I bought it with 7k miles on it. In the first few years I replaced several wear and tear items to get it road worthy. Fuel accumulator, fuel tank seals, plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor, door struts, hood/trunk struts, door handles, water return pipe, AC mode switch, and ballast resistor. I have tried to keep the car as original as possible, only replacing parts if they fail. It still has itís original radiator, coolant tank, carpet, suspension, etc. I have tried my best to describe every minor flaw I can find.

    The exterior is near perfect. There is only minor frowning above the headlights, the stainless looks great, the paint on the fascias is original and shines nicely. The stainless shines well, and has minor surface scratches. The doors open and close well and stay up without assistance. The passenger window glass has some minor scratches, and the drivers mirror has slight discoloration.

    The interior is mostly original and looks good. I have recovered the seats and headliner, but everything else is original. I used the all leather seat covers from special T auto and a headliner kit from DMC. The dash and binnacle are in great shape, the leather pad by the glove box has some brown discoloring. The carpet is all original and looks good except the piece behind the drivers seat that suffered damage before I got it. It is not visible unless the seat is flipped forward. The radio is not original, and does not work. The power windows and locks all work great. The gauges all work and read proper levels. The drivers arm rest/bolster is partially separated from the inner panel.

    The engine starts, runs, and idles great. There are some small leaks as you would expect from a 36 year old car, nothing major. It drives, accelerates, shifts, and stops great. It runs at normal temperature and has good oil pressure.

    The car was an automatic when I bought it, I converted it to a manual about 13 years ago with all delorean parts. (Tranny, pedal box, shift linkage). The donor car had 35k miles on it. At that time I put in all new clutch hydraulics, line, and a center force clutch. It drives and shifts as it should.

    Frame and suspension
    The frame is in great shape showing little to no rust. I have not touched the suspension, and I assume it is all original so it does feel a little loose at highway speeds (like an old car). The trailing arm bolts are straight and tight and probably original. New bolts are included if you want them. The tires are still the ones that were on the car when I bought it in 2002 and have good tread. The front frame extension is slightly bent as shown in the pictures, but does not seem to effect the driving.

    Know issues
    There are a few minor things that I have chosen not to repair. The radio is not original and does not work. The AC does not work. The AC system is fully intact and the compressor spins, but I have never tried to charge it. The AC belt is currently removed. The windshield has a tiny crack across the corner by the glue, you canít even see it from inside the vehicle.

    Overall this car is in great condition, roadworthy, and ready to drive. It has been a reliable driver since replacing the common wear and tear items 13-15 years ago. It has been regularly driven since I purchased it, and turns a lot of heads.

    Let me know if you have any questions. As with any major purchase, I recommend looking at the vehicle before bidding. I am located in Erie Colorado, about 30 min from Denver international airport. Contact me to arrange a test drive. I also have the car listed locally for sale, and I reserve the right to end the auction early for any reason.
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    I saw and drove the car today (and took a bunch of pictures that are posted at . Most pictures have commentary on what I observed (disclaimer I am NOT a mechanic - just a DeLorean enthusiast. Overall I think it is in excellent condition. It was a blast to drive and would be great for someone looking for a largely original car that has been well cared for and would need minimal work.

    The car ran very well and was a blast to drive.

    Some items that I would look at updating if I got it: Windshield washer nozzle is missing, as is the engine compartment light switch. Hazard cover on light switch - but switch still works properly. Fascia paint looks to be original and is a bit faded and worn in areas. Door seals should also be replaced as they are splitting in areas. There are some swirls in the stainless, but nothing deep, and I think could be removed fairly easily with a blending pad.

    Fantastic condition seats, new headliners, all mechanics and electronics seem to be in great working condition. Very nice drive and seems tight when driving. Some sway when at higher speeds, but I think that is just the taller suspension than I am used to in my lowered car.

    Questions? Let me know and I am happy to answer as best I can.

    The short of this is I think it will be a hell of a nice car for whoever ends up getting it.


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    The car sold today, thanks everyone.

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