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Thread: Rowan contactor prop

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    Rowan contactor prop

    Well I decided to try and make my first attempt at building a bttf time machine prop for fun. I have discovered most people who do this are unwilling to share or help. I am the opposite. So here is what I did. Please spare me the movie accuracy comments :-). Hopefully this helps someone or atleast here is what I did.
    2 Rowan contactors off eBay
    2 bottles of testors flat cherry for bottom half of contactor 1197
    2 bottles of flat red for uppers 1150
    1 bag of 10 flat Philips with nuts #8-32x3/4 in (6 each neaded)
    2 packs of testors brushes
    1 bottle of thinner 1148
    1 piece of 1/8 aluminum 4x10
    1 pack of countersink drill bits (1/4 followed by just a hint of 3/8s lol)
    First I disassembled contactors and painted them . Allow 72 hours before reassembly. Then reassembled and removed 4th blades. Marked and drilled plate based of references of movie car , just tried to eyeball. Mounted contactors then used random wire and connectors I had laying around again based of pics I could find. Then did a final top coat while mounted....and walla done. Cost me 90 bucks total in supplies to build vs almost 300 for some replicas I have seen out there and I felt like a kid building car models again.

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