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Thread: Hagerty magazine, (author Jay Leno): DeLorean, Legacy in a Briefcase

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    Hagerty magazine, (author Jay Leno): DeLorean, Legacy in a Briefcase

    The new Hagerty magazine came out for Fall 2017, with a 1-page article on DeLorean, written by Jay Leno.


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    I don't even have to read it to know how bias against JZD he is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    I don't even have to read it to know how bias against JZD he is.
    I read this post, then the article. Yeah, you weren't kidding. I like Jay Leno, but damn....
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    Fuck Jay Leno, seriously. The guy has shit on the DeLorean marque for years. He's been doing this passive-aggressive bullshit for almost 2 decades, starting with innuendos that DMC itself was trafficking drugs, which is a lie.

    But everyone has just lined up to kiss his ass because they're so star-struck. Face it: Jay Leno is not a real gearhead. While we have our biases and preferences, a real gearhead doesn't go around trashing other owners cars. You respect the hobby and the marques of others, and their hard work on their cars & historical preservation. None of which Leno does. He's just a bitter asshole that ruined his reputation with his previous career, and his now trying desperately to get any kind of attention he can.

    Now this is my opinion, and may not be the same stance that the rest of the DOA Board has. But I, for one, would sure as hell always vote against having anything to do with him.

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    The watch gambit was quite a while after BTTF, right? Maybe you could write a succinct letter addressing the inaccuracies.

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    After Leno wrote some article full of misinformation (mainly how JZD was "caught" bringing a briefcase of coke) I wrote him and corrected him and told him how it was the FBI that brought the coke, not JZD. I asked his if he was as disgusted with the government as he was with JZD now. In his Leno's Garage episode a few months later with the DeLorean I get the feeling he read my comment as he restated something to the effect of "I don't care, you get caught with a case of cocaine, you're guilty".

    I never needed anyone's blessing or endorsement to enjoy my car...least of all that twat. He falls in the Quenten Wilson category of car buffs that need a 6 figure price tag to be worthy of their attention.

    JZD had the balls to risk everything for his dream. When Leno tried the same (after his career was pretty much over unlike JZD who was in his prime), Leno ran tucked tail back to NBC and screwed over Conan who was far far funnier. JZD risked it all and almost did the impossible, Leno stuck his toe in the water and ran back to the locker room and he has the gall to criticise DeLorean?
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    This article is nearly identical to one that was published in a British magazine a year ago.

    This has already been said but I am going to echo it, who cares what Jay Leno thinks about the DeLorean or anything frankly? It's ironic that Leno writes he found JZD's "ploys for attention" wrong when Jay Leno seems to know no bounds in making a spectacle of himself. The pot calling the kettle black anyone? I don't believe Leno possesses any extraordinary knowledge about our marque as evidenced by the tired charges that DMC-12 is "heavy" and "lacked any real mechanical innovation". Perfecting VARI for mass production (which Lotus themselves didn't do) or making gullwing doors that actually worked or employing a multi-link rear suspension with staggered wheels and tires (an industry first) evidently don't count for much in the innovation department.
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    The comment about how other car owners never shit on other owners' cars is exactly right. We can hear all the stupid DeLorean comments in the world, but they're always going to come from the public walking around the cruise night and not the owner three rows over with a Vette/El Camino/Jag, etc. who put as much blood, sweat and tears into his marque as we did with ours.

    Inaccurate, attention seeking and who cares sums up Jay Leno's comments on our cars for me. It's just unfortunate that Hagerty publishes it when they really are representing all brands, past and present, and should be doing so unbiasedly.

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    I usually enjoy much of Jay Leno's work, but I agree that this is in poor taste.

    I'm also surprised that the editor of the Hagerty magazine let this article be published that clearly slanders the collector car of some of their insurance clients, including myself.

    Speaking of editing, I'll just pick out one of the tired myths that Leno perpetuates, that the car is "heavy". It is very easy to fact check, which is apparently a dying journalism skill. You just have to do a search to compare the curb weight with the DeLorean's main competitor, the 1981 Corvette, which weighs 3,283 lbs versus the DeLorean's 2,712 lbs. The DeLorean is 571 lbs lighter. A close weight comparison to the D would have been the 1981 Saab 900 Turbo, weighing 2,785 lbs and had 135 hp, or a 1981 Porsche 924, weighing 2,623 lbs with 115 hp. Were the Saab and Porsche cars also deemed heavy? No, but they are on one list as the fastest cars of 1981. I can accept that the D wound up being underpowered to compete with the Corvette, and we all know how that happened, but it didn't have a weight problem.

    I had 2 Corvettes, 1984 and 1997. As exciting as they were, being the first year for the 4th and 5th generations, neither one could even come close to the attention that my DeLorean garners. The more educated fans talk about its innovations, and how brilliant an engineer DeLorean was.

    If members of the community want to respond to this article, I suggest doing so on our best media for Hagerty and Jay Leno. I know I will, plus I'll call or email the editor when I get this Hagerty magazine issue with his/her contact info. I might even switch insurance companies depending on their response.

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    Every body thinks stainless steel makes it heavy. It makes me laugh when I hear that comment all the time.
    Dave M vin 03572

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