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Thread: Club fundraiser: Padded armrest for center console

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    Club Fundraiser-Padded Arm Rest

    Just wanted to update everyone that I finally got my armrest in. Talk about delayed shipping but at least I did receive it as promised, so I take back all those bad thoughts I was thinking about this supplier.

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    Well I got mine fast it did not have to go very far. I installed in the car and and w bad weather I never drove my car, yesterday I went for about a one hour drive just for fun w my dog and I loved the thing it made changing gear far more comfortable. I wish I had it for all my road trips. Even in auto I could see it being a good addition.
    Alex Brooks

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    We've got 4 more gray ones in stock, we had 2 black ones but they went out already, one to Germany and one to Nevada.
    (May still show black in stock but they're sold out again right now).

    We're hoping to get another batch in a few weeks, I know there was somebody else here who wanted a black one so if he or anyone else is still waiting on the black ones, pm me your contact info and I'll alert you when we get some more.

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    Just chiming in once more. Went to the bay area 1.5 hours away, and had my arm pad, I LOVE IT. if you don't have one, get one!!!
    Thank you ALL for your patience and your tremendous help!

    1982 VIN#10588 Build Date Dec '81

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    Glad you're all enjoying these! We've still got some gray ones in stock, updated purchase link here:

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