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Thread: Club fundraiser: Padded armrest for center console

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    Im sure if you contacted them, they would.
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    Quote Originally Posted by john 05141 View Post
    Not selling outside the US .....
    I'll ask our club pres what our options are for international shipping and get back to you.

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    International shipping

    John, check your inbox, I've PMed you our club president's email so you can work out the shipping costs.

    We can ship internationally, the cost just has to be figured based on destination so if anybody outside the US is interested, PM me and I'll give you the contact email.

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    Nice idea, just ordered one. Will cover the eyesore of an armrest I have and maybe prevent me from constantly opening the windows and turning on the defroster by accident.

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    Thanks everyone who ordered so far! The next batch should be ready to ship in about two weeks.

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    I have sent a message to ask for shipment cost.
    thank you all


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    Placed my order! My girlfriend thanks you
    Thank you ALL for your patience and your tremendous help!

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    Just wanted to give two thumbs up for this arm pad. I received mine the other day and am VERY impressed with the fit and overall look. It's extremely comfortable and well padded and you can see how care was taken into getting to fit within the contour of the seat. The underside has a rubber grippy material (no residue, of course) that holds it in place and it's a simple press fit so there's nothing permanent you're doing. It just "sits" there firmly in place.

    I'm very particular on maintaining the original look of the car and I don't like to change anything with it but I'm very comfortable with this. Particularly, if I want to remove it it'll take me three seconds to do so and another 15 seconds to get it back perfectly in place. For those of you that drive your car regularly like I do and have an original arm pad that's in great shape and you want to reduce the wear on it over time, I HIGHLY recommend getting one of these before they're gone.

    Arm Pad.jpg

    Alex Abdalla

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    Everyone who received theirs already, thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you like them. Those of you who haven't got yours yet, please bear with us. The next batch was going to ship out next week but our club president, who was handling the orders, was in a serious car wreck this weekend so things are on hold right now. At our last meeting he mentioned that Square issued refunds on products not shipped within 7 days so if they can't go out in a timely fashion you may get an automatic refund.

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    Can we get a status update on the shipping status of these?

    I ordered/paid for mine on 8/1 and your club president emailed me saying he might be in Las Vegas that weekend and could hand-deliver in that case, then I got am email on 8/4 saying it shipped. Still never received it. Does that automated "shipped" email mean "marked ready to ship" or "actually shipped?"
    I emailed him on 8/12 asking if it shipped and haven't gotten a response.
    There was no tracking number or anything, and I still haven't received it (as of 8/17).

    I'm in zero hurry, just checking to make sure nothing fell through the cracks.
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