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Thread: What do you use for a Smartphone Mount?

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    What do you use for a Smartphone Mount?

    I was just wondering what you guys use in your DeLoreans for your smartphone mounts? I have been using one that just sticks to the windshield on left. This works ok I guess but I feel like I am giving up a bit of visibility on the A pillar. Also its a bit of a reach when I need to use the phone. Ideally I would like something in the middle console. I tried one that clips into the vents but it felt really unstable, but if you guys have found something that works better I'd like to know.

    I didn't see any new threads addressing this, but if I missed something feel free to close this.
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    I built this little guy about an hour before driving to DCS2016. Aluminum bar stock and 3M trim tape. With a silicone case on my phone it friction locks into place.
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    I use an OSOMount Smart EX attached to the lower centre of the windscreen, it extends out to the edge of the centre console so is within easy reach.

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    What kind of mount did you use that attaches to the vents?

    I've got a magnetic mount and it works awesome on my daily driver. The prongs wedge in tight to the vent and the magnet has just enough grab to hold the phone but not so much that you pull the mount off when removing the phone. Haven't tried it on my DeLorean yet, but if feels unstable you can always use two side by side. For 6 bucks each it might be worth a try.

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