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Thread: Ready Player One - DeLorean Time Machine in the Movie

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    With the movie now on Blu-ray, I was able to do a lot of freeze framing to make out a lot of what's going on. When he deploys the car before the race, I took a very close look and was astonished at the detail. This movie probably has the most accurately rendered CGI DeLorean I've ever seen! I took some screen captures to show this. Here you can see the climate controls, clock and gear shift are very accurate (he also shifts into reverse correctly in a later scene):

    The DMC logo on the air cleaner:

    So here they got the W pipe a little wrong. There's also a second coolant expansion tank on the left. But we still have the AC compressor and throttle spool:

    Finally we have another amazing detailed shot. The rub strip and inner tub are a bit too rounded and the outer weather stripping is missing, but otherwise the details are spot on! Even the seat latch is there.

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    I'd certainly love to have the same struts n torsion bars for the doors....cause those things stay rock steady even when the car is bouncin'
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    I haven't been much of a movie theatre going guy for years, so toughed it out waiting to see this movie for the first time until the Bluray came out.

    And wow it didn't disappoint. Really enjoyed it. I've read the book and thought it was great and felt the same about the movie.

    If that wasn't enough though, I watched all the special feature bits and enjoyed those just as much. Behind the scenes in a world I feel kind of apart of too. Maybe like how we've met some of the BTTF world people and DeLorean factory staff too. A sort of connection to the real people involved in these things. Spielberg, Silvestri, Ernie Cline... and all of them genuinely praising each other for their work. Talk about being a kid again. Really awesome moments seeing how thrilled many of those people were during the whole process.

    One cast member's quote describing how Spielberg was to be around said "he's a giant that doesn't make you feel small." How good is it to be summed up like that? Definitely worth trying to follow that approach.

    Great stuff Ernie. Looking forward to future books and movies.

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