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Thread: Ready Player One - DeLorean Time Machine in the Movie

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    Ready Player One - DeLorean Time Machine in the Movie

    If you haven't seen the first trailer for Ready Player One, you may want to check it out. They have a DeLorean time machine in what looks like some kind of death race. I haven't read the book, so this likely comes as no surprise to many of you. I know the author has a DeLorean and had a contest when the book came out giving one away, so it makes sense the car has a central role, I just didn't expect it to be a time machine. Anyway, very excited to see this now.

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    DeLorean in a death race with Rush soundtrack?


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    The time machine is also seen at 1:37 doing a barrel roll.

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    I've read this book and listened to the audio book several times. It's a great read, especially for people that enjoy 80s things (and if you dont want to read it, the audio book is narrated by Wil Wheaton who does an awesome job). From the trailer alone it's pretty obvious that there are going to be a lot of differences between the movie and book, but it doesnt necessarily look like a bad thing. The time machine was mentioned a couple times in the book, but it definitely wasn't featured as much as it looks like it will be in the movie.
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    I thought the book was great too. (So was his second book Armada). I couldn't remember a "death race" type scene in the book either. I think Nick is right though in that even if the movie differs in some ways from the book, it'll still be great. I think it's in good hands (Spielberg)!

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    My hometown AND my car? Yes please! I've wanted to see a Delorean driven around like this for years.

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    With Speilberg directing, it'll have gangly grey aliens with creepy blue eyes at the end...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicholas R View Post
    The time machine is also seen at 1:37 doing a barrel roll.
    ... and a lane change, from Right Lane to Left Lane, after jumping the gap.

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    at 00:50, is that a TM w/ the gull wing doors open, in reverse going around la glorieta (roundabout)?!!!!! *TAKE MY MONEY!!!*
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    I'd heard of the book, but never read it. After watching the teaser trailer, I had to start reading the wiki on RPO to see what it is about. From that, I gleamed 2 things.

    1. Ernest Cline's "Ecto-88" car now finally makes sense to me. I still think it looks weird like any time machine conversion, but I understand it now.

    2. Within the past year I've had several conversations offline with other DeLorean owners about Back to the Future, and it's impact on the DeLorean marque. Collectively, we've all agreed that once 2015 came and went, the whole thing was over. The interest has waned greatly.

    However, this movie has just given the DeLorean/BTTF relationship a 30 year renewal...along with a few other properties. So be prepared for people who not only ask you where your Flux Capacitor is, they're going to ask about your Oscillation Overthruster as well. Because apparently, a modified BTTF DeLorean is what the hero drives in this movie.

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