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Thread: Ready Player One - DeLorean Time Machine in the Movie

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregadeth View Post
    Anybody know whose car they used for filming?
    Quote Originally Posted by DavidProehl View Post
    I think your smiley face is saying you already know the answer, but for anyone concerned, worry not - the car is CGI.
    There's a chance, probably not a very big chance, that it might be my car.

    Just after buying my car in 2015, I replied to this request for a DeLorean to be displayed at Industrial Light & Magic. Mike was nice enough to arrange for someone to take my girlfriend and me on a tour of the facility and we even saw some BTTF models! Toward the end of the tour, there was an odd exchange between our tour guide and someone else. It was sort of a "wink wink, nudge nudge" kind of exchange where they said that the should take a camera out and get some detail shots of the stainless steel. It felt like they wanted to collect some reference textures, but knowing that there wasn't a BTTF4 in the works, I convinced myself that I was misunderstanding their intent. I'd nearly forgotten about this until I realized that ILM worked on Ready Player One.


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    A really good stainless is one of those difficult things to do in cg. Many get close..but always looking for those references...Before I got my car, i had a friend drive down here jsut so I could get references for my cg work on that I got my own, I been working to get my stainless surface even betterer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by papanoel View Post
    People are saying that car has KITT in it and KITT steering wheel in the movie.
    Which would make sense since the author has a KITT steering wheel in his Delorean in real life.
    And the KITT scanner on the front of his DeLorean as well.

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    The KITT wheel is supposedly a real pain to drive with on the street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    The KITT wheel is supposedly a real pain to drive with on the street.
    And illegal.
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    I can't wait to build one of these!

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