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Thread: i need help moving neighbor car

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    i need help moving neighbor car

    Our neighbor says she has a car in back barn, i am staying with my aunt for the summer and i cut her neighbors grass and it takes 6 hours and her neighbors barn roof leaks and she is getting a new roof and i ran over the roof nails with her lawnmower and now the lawnmower has a flat tire and she wants me to take all of the cars out of the barn for new support roof and she said the cars under sheets were her husbandís cars and she needs help moving them so my aunt also came over to help and she said this car wasde made in a country ireland and the doors go up and it looks like akitchen stove and it hasnít been driven but now the barn neewsnewroof and thereorf people are coming Monday, my aunt is taking to the store now togetanew tire for the mower, the lady said the car drove in 2011 and that i will need the mower to push it with and that her husband would jumpstart it with the mower when he was living 10 years ago, it is dark in the barn and the mower has headlights, the cars are under sheets, she said the cars was famous years ago and she doesnt want the barn to damage it, i have to move ittomorrow at the latest because the roof is worked on Monday, my aunt said it is a Deloren and we have to push it with the mower when a tire is on the mower

    When my aunt gets us back from the tire store, i have to go over and inflate the tire on the mower and push the cars with the mower out of the barn and i need to know how to steer a car if I am on the mowerr? the lady has to look for the key but does not know where the key is

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    If this is for real, don't try to start the engine if it hasn't run since 2011. If possible, try to tow it with straps through the tow hooks rather than pushing it with something (am I reading that right that you're wanting to push it with a lawnmower?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaraSue View Post
    If this is for real, don't try to start the engine.....
    The first few words of this reply are the best ones to operate from right off the bat for this.

    Moderators, is there a bot check button you can push for checking the original post?
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    Okay i got home and my aunt bought a repair kit for the tire and i took needle nose plyers and I removed the nails from the neighbors lawnmower tire and stuck rubbber strips into the tire and i inflated the tire and now the lawnmower works again.

    My neighbor said she still has to look for the key.
    So I put the lawnmower back in her garage and i walked into her barn while she was in the house looking for the key and i lifted the front of the sheet in the barn and it says OMC on on the front hood and the car is silver and has dust on it under the sheets.

    i have to go and eat dinner now and then get back and try to move it



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    Okay she said it is okayto wait for tomorrow she is also trying to clean up posion ivy around the barn before workers come monday, and she found old radios and she wants them inside the house so i brought them into he rhouse.

    She found a shoebox of all the paperwork he had and she has a stack of paperwork for the cars adn she has 7 keys for the cars , she said that her husband drove once a month to keep it going and drove it to new york city once a year to the Deloren dealership for work on it and that it might need jump starting to be moved

    I tried to open the hood and it wont open, my aunt found a small door that opens but it says gasoline only, there is a small window and it is open and i can reach my hand in to open the glover compartment but it wont open and it is getting dark outside so i will go back tomorrow but she doesnt want the grass cut tomorrow because it is sundaya and i couldnt finish today because of the flat tire so i am going to finish o nMonday and work on getting the hood open tomorrow to jump start the car with the lawnmower



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    Hi Matt,

    If you are going to move this car using something else to push or pull it, you will want to at least have the ignition key in the cylinder and turned at least one click forward. You are doing this to release the steering column interlock, but not to start the engine. If there is no key in the ignition, you won't be able to move the steering wheel and point the vehicle where it needs to go.

    I bet you're pretty young, right Matt? That's nice of you to help your Aunt with this car. Perhaps it would be best if you continued to ask questions on here for other people's advice before taking each step to move the car. It would likely be better that way for the car and you and your family in the interest of not damaging anything accidentally.

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    The "bumpers"/fascias are plastic. Please don't push it with a tractor, it will surely damage and misalign the fascias and could easily damage the stainless panels as well. Btw, the engine and jump lead start is in the rear of the car. But like others have said, it is a bad idea to try and start it with old rancid gas in the tank. Out of curiosity, where are you located?

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    i need help moving neighbor car

    If the tires are inflated, the car will roll fairly easily. This is a Two person job at a bare minimum. The transmission must be in neutral, parking brake released, do not attempt to start the car. The front trunk release is a T handle under the dash, left side of drivers foot well. The hood lifts forward. You should not need to open it though. If you must use the lawn mower, get a Yellow tow strap and hook one end too one of the Frame D-rings

    This is the Right front D loop.
    left side not shown

    Right rear frame tow Eyelet.

    Any doubts or questions at all, please ask here. We have the answers to help you through this.

    Lastly, kudos to you For coming to this forum to ask for help.
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    Another thing, don't hook the tow rope around the suspension components other than the tow loops, it can damage things like the control arms if you try to tow it by them.

    You mention the car was taken to New York for service. I'm guessing that was P. J. Grady. It might be worth dropping them an email to see if they could help (include the last 5 digits of the vin #, which you can find on the top left side of the dashboard). They might not be able to get back to you today on short notice but long term if your neighbor doesn't really want to keep the car they could probably help get it ready to sell or refer her to someone local who might want to buy it.

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    As important as it may seem to get the car going, make sure you find the Title in your search of things. Tell your aunt she should have insurance on the car for at least the comprehensive in case it gets damaged or stolen. It would be cheap if you don't have Liability and you aren't driving it. The car in all probability has rodent damage so be careful when you open it. Mouse droppings can cause illness so use a dust mask. Pump up the tires before trying to move it and make sure it is not in gear and the parking brake is released. Get the battery out of it, it probably froze.
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