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Thread: Doc Brown's Van

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timebender View Post
    My reverse lights don't work either- I guess that makes my car movie accurate?

    And on Doc's checklist on his clipboard:

    1. Get in car and pull it into truck.
    2. Raise ramp via some means of remote control.
    3. Wait for Marty to show up.
    4. Roll down windows on car.
    5. Turn on fog machine, making sure interior fills with fog for dramatic effect.
    6. Lower ramp and back car out.
    7. Get out of car and act disoriented - or may not have to as fog might cause this.
    Derek L
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    So I had a conversation with Mr. Pike.

    - He told me the reverse lights and break lights were disconnected for the reveal shot so that you could see more of the car and not be distracted/blinded by them.
    - As to how Doc managed to get in the car inside the van... Mr. Z just assumed the audience could make a leap of faith and move on.

    So there you go. I guess some of you wont be satisfied but what are you gonna do.

    Steven Maguire

    IT'S A TRAP!!!!!

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