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Thread: Fuel Mileage

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    Fuel Mileage

    I searched for a thread and could not find one so I figured I would post this up.

    What is everyone getting for city/highway fuel milage?

    With the 3.0 prv I was 20/29

    With the 5.3 LS I am about 15/27 (poor city mileage because I drive like an idiot)

    Interested to see where other are at.

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    My MPG on the first 1,000 or so miles of this season (the last 5 tanks of gas anyway):


    I have a stock engine and automatic transmission. No real modifications to speak of other than a cold air intake instead of the 3-way hot air bypass thingy. This is combined highway and city. Mostly highway though 'cause I stay the hell away from driving in the city if I can.

    I see my mileage go down though when I am doing work on the car and start it only to let it idle in the garage, etc. That and driving the snot out of it at times. Gotta make sure that full throttle microswitch is still working!
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    About 26 highway Kjet turbo. With this exhaust housing, at 75-80 in 5th just about any throttle input lead to open loop fueling. EFI should calm that down a bit.

    City drives were too short for a reliable number.
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    I don't have individual city/highway numbers, but I am averaging 18 MPG. I drive nearly entirely suburb/city, and have a big cams/heads/exhaust setup with the EFI and spark optimized for power.
    1981 DeLorean, heads/cams/exhaust, EFI
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    Stock motor, 5-spd:

    City - 20mpg
    Mixed suburbs/hwy - 22mpg
    Long trips at <70mph - 27mpg
    March '81, 5-speed, black interior

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    Usually 23-25mpg. Stock 5-speed except cold air intake.

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    For trip planning purposes I use 20 MPG. With mixed city and hwy driving I get about 25 with a stock motor and automatic and A/C on. If you carry stuff on the luggage rack it will decrease your numbers.
    David Teitelbaum

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