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Thread: Angle Drive - Martin Gutkowski's unit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwanmtr View Post
    Just to pipe in here, but.. angle drives are still available through the DMC vendors as well.
    Yes, re-production angle drives are available from the vendors, however they have or at least had a questionable lifespan, with some only lasting a few thousand miles. While the Speedograph angle drives were around double/triple the cost, they last. It's a question of getting what you pay for.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris 16409 View Post
    Check with Rob Grady as he can beef up an original Smiths Angle drive with improved cogs.
    In lieu of no longer being able to buy the Speedograph unit, this would be the option I would take if I had an original Smiths angle drive.

    Quote Originally Posted by BABIS View Post
    Mike do you recommend to change the speedograph nut with the original one?
    On my car I'm still running it with the nut that it was supplied with and haven't had any issues (I've been running it since Oct 2011). They're easy enough to swap out if you feel it's an issue. I don't know who the owner was who had the issue with the cracked nut but I assume this was a one off incident - it's just a shame this one off incident has caused Speedograph to cease selling the angle drives.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeWard View Post
    The DeLoreanGo angle drives are an Ed/DMC Europe part. The DeLoreanGo speedo cables, upper, lower, and one-piece are manufactured for the club in the UK.

    Lubrication wise, probably overkill but once a year I remove the cable from the angle drive, and put a few drops of gear oil into the angle drive. I'm also running the one-piece speedo cable, but haven't seen the need to lubricate it yet.
    Thanks Mike. I'll keep that in mind on my ongoing maintenance to-do list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lwanmtr View Post
    Just to pipe in here, but.. angle drives are still available through the DMC vendors as well.
    You must not drive your car very much. the DMC drives are junk.

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    Do the current DMCH ones have the grease fitting?

    I had my original angle drive fail in 2007 and the one I bought from DMCH then is still holding up ~35,000mi later. I'm not sure what stock it came from though and it seems pretty unlikely that its the same as the one they're currently selling.

    I actually thought it failed 2 years ago but it turned out that it was the speedo cable that failed (unraveled), but miraculously the angle drive was fine.

    The one I have has a grease fitting and I grease it maybe once every year or every other year.
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    The new ones from DMC dont have grease fittings, so you dont do any lubrication on them
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    Question! I'm literally about to install the DMCH unit. Would it be worth it to order one of these devices? Or just install my DMCH one and wait for failure?
    Thank you ALL for your patience and your tremendous help!

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    I highly recommend getting an original Smith's angle drive rebuilt with Robert Grady. It's the only available option that has lasted more than 10k on my daily driver.

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    The nut issue may have been caused by me, though I explained the situation very clearly to the company. The nut supplied on the angle drive snapped off on my unit. I had installed a set of Martin's lowering springs that for some reason did not fit well within my spring cup on the front LCA (apparently one other customer had this problem as well). The first bump I hit on a test drive around my block popped the spring out of the spring cup slightly and hit the speedometer (small clearance with those springs) and snapped it in half.

    I spoke with the company (because they stopped making them) and had them do a repair which took a long time because I think there was only one guy who worked on these units and was out of the office due to health. Seems after reading this thread that after fixing my unit they no longer supply it with the nut required for the DeLorean. It is a shame because the unit works flawlessly and it didn't fail on its own. As mentioned later in this thread it is still possible to swap a DeLorean nut on it.

    Good price too, I paid WAY more for it back when I originally got it.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeWard View Post
    The original Smiths Industries angle drive part number is BG2401/11

    The Speedograph replacement would be a variant of the RGB2401:

    However, Speedograph will no longer manufacture the DeLorean variant of this drive. I have tried and failed at getting them to produce a batch, they cited 'health and safety' as their reasons for being unable to manufacture it.

    I was told that someone had complained that the supplied nut had cracked on their unit, so I believe Speedograph are now doing a CYA with the 'health and safety' claim so that they don't get a potential lawsuit come their way.

    For clarity, the Speedograph unit was previously supplied complete with the nut already in place as per the example pictures shown below.

    When I was speaking with them on this however, I specifically advised them the nut was NOT required for our application as we can simply swap the nut from our old angle drive.

    Attachment 53142 Attachment 53141

    As others have mentioned here they were built like a tank, I've had one on my car for 6 years and 20k+ miles and it's still going strong.
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