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Thread: Harvey flooded my DeLorean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggio7 View Post
    Well, the insurance has called it a total loss. They said they can offer me less if I wanted to keep the car, but really need to put the cash towards bigger priorities. It's been a pleasure learning everything I have from the message boards and I wish all the best for y'all. Thank you again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biggio7 View Post
    Yes, it was a turbo.

    I could keep it, but just can't spare the funds to restore it.
    When I was hit by a drunk driver in my DeLorean, the insurance company gave me the option of buying the car back at something like $5,000. When I declined and the car went to auction, it only brought about $2,000 (this was almost 15 years ago). So it's still possible to get your car back if you change your mind, and possibly at a much lower amount.

    That being said, don't let all of the well-meaning peer pressure on here add to your stress. You don't have to justify your decision, either. Do what's right for you & your family. Should you want to buy again down the line, there will always be other DeLoreans for sale, and the community supports you regardless. Best of luck!
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    Thank you all for your well wishes. Everyone is safe, even the dog, and that's all that matters.

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    Glad to hear everyone is safe, sorry about the car though.

    Just a thought, what about setting up a gofundme page to get the car fixed? I would imagine spreading the word across the many Delorean Facebook pages and this website you might get enough to get a rare turbo car up and running again?

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    Sshh...people here look down on those who use Gofundme. That being said, its an idea to think about.
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    Glad to hear you & your family are OK, sorry about the car....hope things soon get better for you and all those who were flooded.
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    The car could probably be restored, but its unwise IMO in the states. The problem is that now that it has a salvage title, most insurance companies will see a perfectly restored car with a salvage title and say its worth $4k. Unless the new and all future owners are willing to use specialty agreed value insurance its impossible to insure properly. To put $15k into a car and not be able to properly insure it is a problem.

    That being said, I understand in europe the salvage title is not considered, rather the car gets fully inspected and is either a roadworthy car or not.

    When I faced your same situation i chose to sell the car to Ed at DMC Europe. I bought it back from the insurance company and sold it to him for a bit more.

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    My point exactly. If the insurance company will make you whole there is no point in trying to restore that car. No matter how much you spend you can never 'fix" the Title. If having a Delorean means that much to you it is better to just take the money and buy another. Right now you probably have other things on your mind besides replacing your Delorean.
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    It would be a shame to see that car get parted out. Sure it would take a lot of money to get it back to show car status, but with a fraction of that amount it could be returned to driving status. The advantage of driving a non perfect car that was saved from being parted out is the complete lack of guilt that comes from racking up countless miles.

    Insurance is all about calculated risk. I would be much more willing to drive a lower value car with liability only insurance than a 40k car. If you go a few years without an accident, you've already recouped a chunk of your money.

    Heck, here in Michigan 25% of motorists drive without any insurance whatsoever due to the outragous costs. Not something I would do or endorse, but I can understand that people can't afford $2,500 per year for liability only coverage.
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    I too got flooded out by Harvey. Only about 4" in the house (total gut anyway), but the attached garage got a couple more inches. The Delorean got water in the footwells and the carpets will all need to be replaced along with the vertical board behind the seats. I was lucky in that I was able to get to the car within 36 hours of the flood and rip the carpet out. It sat in the hot sun and dried it out quickly. I vacuumed out the water and checked that nothing else was damaged. No smell at all. The oil was clean. I have driven it and it runs just fine. No apparent electrical issues (water never got high enough to touch any wires other than maybe a seat belt sensor. The adjuster came to see it and found some rusting on the underside and some other places, but relatively minor. I got lucky. I haven't had his estimate yet, but with bigger fish to fry rebuilding the house, needless to say the D has to wait.
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    Looks like it has rolled up at auction

    looks salty.
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